Questions? We have answers.

How do I buy?

Simply visit a RESA kiosk, talk with one of our representatives and get scanned. You can print your pair of custom insoles while you shop or have them shipped to your doorstep.

Once your foot shapes are in our system, you can order from any nearby kiosk or contact us to speak to someone personally.

What shoes do your insoles fit into?

Our insoles are printed not only to match the contours of your feet but also your shoes. Our current models fit a wide variety of shoes, including sneakers, flats, loafers, boots, cleats and cycling footwear. We are currently working on designs that will fit high heels, sandals and other specialized footwear.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns about your specific footwear.

Will RESA insoles fit in all my shoes?

Most shoes in your closet are close to the same size. Our soles will likely fit most shoes. That said, every shoe is different. Shoes have different volumes, heel cups, and toe shapes. Our rule of thumb is design your first sole around the shoe-type you wear most and go from there.

For example, Jane the fashionista wears flats every day except for when she’s working out in her sneakers. We would recommend her first pair of insoles be designed for her flats, as they will likely fit her other shoes. A second pair to better fit her sneakers can be designed if needed.

What Density Should I Choose; Soft, Medium, or Firm?

Soft insoles are more suited to those with sensitive feet, and are perfect for wearers with medical conditions including arthritis or diabetes, however soft insoles provide only mild support and are not suited to larger framed wearers.

Medium density insoles offer a good balance between support and comfort, they are suitable for everyday wear from sports activities to gentle walks.

Firm insoles offer the least cushioning but greatest level of support, biomechanical control and stability, but should be avoided by wearers with diabetes. They may feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks of wear, but are the most efficient in aiding with foot realignment.

Will my insurance company cover the cost?

We accept HSA payments. Authorization is usually at the discretion of each provider. There’s no harm in trying. We don’t yet offer medically-corrective orthotics, so insurance companies do not offer full reimbursement at this time. But we’re working on it!

How much do RESA insoles cost?

Resa Wearable insoles retail for $149.00 per pair.

How long will my insoles last?

RESA insoles are made from high-quality polymers that are built to outlast the shoe itself. Obviously the more you wear them, the more wear they’ll wear out. We gladly ship every pair of insoles with a 90-day money back guarantee and a one year quality warranty.

How are RESA insoles made?

When you arrive at a kiosk, we begin the process by taking laser 3D scans and 3D images of your foot on our patent pending all-in-one kiosk. Our proprietary artificial intelligence (A.I.) will look for anatomical landmarks to generate an insole design for you.

From there, the computer design will be transmitted to a 3D printer to make your insole bases. The 3D printer builds your insoles layer upon layer by extruding our proprietary polyurethane a couple of microns at a time.

After your base insoles are printed, your insole will get finished by adding an antimicrobial comfort top cover. The top cover once adhered to the base will be precision laser cut before they get packed and picked up by you.

All this, in about an hour.


What materials do you use?


RESA uses filament made from proprietary flexible filament. It has been specially formulated for orthopedic insole production.


RESA customers are able to choose from a soft, cushioned EVA foam or a thin, Alcantara suede fabric. Both materials are durable, comfortable and offer unique moisture wicking properties.


All RESA orthotics are precoated using our proprietary formula of nano-silver particulate that fights bacteria growth in your shoes.


All RESA top covers are bonded using industry-standard aerosol glues. Rest assured your soles are made with safe, environmentally conscious and durable materials.


How do I care for my insoles?

RESA insoles are made from high-quality polymers that are designed for an extended life-cycle. We recommend that you remove your insoles from your shoes approximately every 4 to 6 months to inspect and clean them.

To clean your insoles use approximately 1 pint of warm water mixed with a drop of dish soap. The drop of soap should be no larger than a dime. You can use a brush or towel to remove any large pieces of debris or residue. Using a towel, dip it into the soapy water and wring out excess water.

Wipe down the fabric side of the insole several times. Allow them to air dry, not in direct sunlight. You should NEVER submerge your insoles in water for an extended period. They should not be placed in a clothes washing machine or dish washer.

How long will it take to finish printing/arrive?

The printing and finishing process of your insoles will take about an hour. We have seen that due to high demand at the kiosks (often weekends and busy holidays) the queue can cause your order to take a little longer. If you need or want us to ship your pair, please expect delivery in 1-3 business days.

My insoles don't fit/feel right. How do I adjust the shapes?

Custom shoe insoles usually need time to get used to. especially if we have added additional contours to your design for extra comfort or support. Please try them out for a few days to get used to the way that they fit. Also watch our fit video to guide you through installation and what to expect along with common fit and feel solutions.

If you have issues with your foot shapes and have tried them for at least 10 days, start by logging into your account and completing the insole redesign form to start the remake process.

My soles are amazing! How do I tell people about this?

Hooray! We love hearing success stories and so do future customers.

The fastest way is to share your sole summary from the email you received. We will automatically generate a social media post with your foot images, soles and shoe profile and the story is up to you.

If you record a video review or photo if you with your soles and we use it online, we will gladly send you a FREE pair of orthotics. Make sure to email support@resawear.com with the link or tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube with the hashtag #resawear.

Why are RESA insoles so expensive?

Yes, compared to off-the-shelf premade insoles, RESA is more expensive. Although, what you would pay for a fully custom-made orthotic, RESA is a great value. We are able to make custom orthotics that would cost $500-800 down under $300. Experience medical-grade comfort at more affordable prices and regardless of medical ailments, you will feel the difference, guaranteed!

One of the core values of our company is charging what we need, not what we can and we’ve put a lot of thought into how to price our products.

This also means we can provide a service that no other company is offering. Working with you 1-1 to ensure you are happy with your orthotics and remake them as many times as necessary.

Learn more about RESA insoles and get started today, risk-free.

Where can I read reviews of RESA Wearables' insoles?

Our success stories are growing every day. We are working to build a fully featured review platform, but in the meantime, see real customer testimonials on our insoles page or see what people are saying on social media.

Are there any discounts, promotions, or coupon codes?

We believe that everyone should pay the same price, the fair one. Our pricing has been designed to account for materials, production-costs, and everything in between; resulting in a fair, high-quality product that’s guaranteed to work or we’ll remake it.

Why are you called RESA?

Resa is a Swedish word meaning “to travel or rise”. In conversation, Swedes use “Resa” to say goodbye, like “Bon Voyage” or “Sayonara”.

We chose this name because of the journey involved in discovering balance and alignment in life. Rise Above the Obstacles with RESA Wearables.

More on the RESA Story

Can I watch my insoles being printed?

Soon! We’re working on the features to stream live and send you a link once your sole starts printing.

In the meantime, feel free to hang around the kiosk and watch as your order prints right in the store!

I cannot return to pickup my insoles. Can I adjust my order to have them shipped?

Of course! Although, we recommend trying them on with a RESA technician but we’re happy to ship your soles locally at no charge. Out-of-state & out-of-country shipping will incur additional charges.

Just contact us to update your order:


Is it possible to create different soles for various shoes & sports?

Absolutely! That’s what makes us unique. We have decades of sports and performance experience and understand what it take to make soles tuned for every sport and activity.

Start by visiting a RESA location to get scanned and start customizing today. Already been scanned? Log in and start customizing your next insole. If you don’t see your sport or have specific requests, simply contact us and we’ll show you the way.

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If you are experiencing issues with your orthotics, please contact us and complete the feedback form inside your order. We will use this feedback to correct & remake your order.