To become a part of the RESA tribe, you must visit one of our event kiosks to capture your 3D foot scans and receive a tailored insole recommendation.

3d printing in retail

How Does It Work?

It all starts with capturing high-quality 3D images of your feet. Step on to our proprietary gel scanner to start building your custom 3D printed footwear.

It’s simple, risk-free and only takes 5 minutes. Swing by and say hello, and get one step closer to balance & stability.

Step One

SCAN YOUR FEET by standing in our gel imaging platform. The soft and supportive surface will capture 360˚ images your feet.

Step Two

CUSTOM INSOLE RECOMMENDATION by telling us about you, what type of shoes you wear, and information about your sports and medical needs.

Step Three

3D PRINT your new insoles at the store. In about an hour, you’ll have a custom insole ready to take you to new heights and horizons.

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