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Ushering a new era in patient care

Resa Wearables is an American company with decades of medical and sports research and has collaborated with medical professionals from around the world. In 2021, we have set out to build next generation in-house labs that will provide medical professionals total control of their patient’s experience.

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Digital Gel Scanning

Capture patients’ feet like never before. Our proprietary gel laser technology captures feet in their natural, supported state. Easily take multiple scans, and map the resulting information directly to new insoles.

The scanner is mobile. It can be kept in the office, or can be moved to public events.  Capture foot scans for orthotics wherever your patents are.

Laser Accuracy

The nature of optical laser scanning is that there are no casting materials needed.  You can complete a patient scan in under 1 minute. Compared to plaster, the time savings can really add up in a busy practice.

Reliable and Predictable Scan Data

Unlike other methods, where results vary greatly between practitioners; our scanner produces a reliably repeatable result regardless of user.  This allows your practice to fully utilize all your staff to scan patients, freeing up valuable physician time.

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Design insoles

Build insoles how you like. Tell us the diagnoses, choose your modifications, or take full 3D control of the design. Resa Wearables offers the flexibility to run your practice how you choose and easily update and change designs with ease.

CAD Made Easy
Customizable Modules
CAD consultation/design included

If you don’t want to be bothered with CAD we can do the full cad design based on your prescription requirements.

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Print insoles

In 2021, you can be your own lab. You no longer need to wait days or weeks to see if insoles were produced correctly. Our 3d printing and production system allows you to send orders to us, or bring manufacturing in-house and produce on-site. Printing in 1-hour or less.

Simple To Use Printer

Our printer is optimised for printing insoles, and works closely with our visit system to automatically create infill patterns and start printing with minimal input from an operator.  There is minimal noise, and no dangerous chemicals or fumes so you can run the printer in patient areas to emphasize the orthotics within your office.  A running printer will increase your patients interest in orthotics.

Manage Production Easily

With the ability to print on demand, you ensure patient satisfaction and compliance.  Any issue noted at the next visit, simply re adjust the design and reprint.

After finding a great fit, it’s easy to replicate an identical pair months or years later using the same patient file.

Incorporate RESA into
your medical practice

Scan & Design

Scan patients and design orthotics, utilize RESA as an external lab that will produce and ship your insoles to you or any address you specify.

What's included:

  • $1050/month scanner rental.
  • 10 free pairs each month.
  • $105 manufacture fee for each additional pair
  • Extended medical patches library.
  • Enterprise support for insole file modification.

Package a

Scan, Design, &Print

Run through the entire insole process. Tighten feedback with patients, and work more efficiently

What's included:

  • $1050/month scanner rental.
  • $750/month printer rental.
  • 20 free pairs each month.
  • $75 manufacture fee for each additional pair
  • Extended medical patches library.
  • Support line for insole modification.

Package b

cost benefits

how resa fits into your practice

The RESA Med system can save your practice thousands per year by reducing expensive lab fees. Use our savings calculator to see how much you can save by switching to RESA’s scanning and orthotic printing systems.

Monthly estimate of digital scanning IE equipment rentals or upkeep.*

Man-hour and material cost per visit [1]

Lab fee for production of insole*

How much of the process do you want to handle?*

Estimated number of pairs/month*

You set the price*

[1] Australian Podiatry Council. Payne C: Cost Benefit comparison of plaster casts and optical scans of the foot for the manufacture of foot orthoses. Aust J Podiat Med. 2007, 41 (2): 29-31.


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