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What is RESA?


Swedish (noun, verb: the journey, to travel, to rise up)

Your well-being is our success. RESA will continue our disruptive, bold and fresh approach to custom footwear.

We strive to inspire people to push beyond comfort zones and Rise Above the Obstacles.




Over two

RESA founder Glen Hinshaw began racing bicycles in 1977 as a junior in high school. After meeting orthopedic industry pioneer, Bill Peterson in the 1990’s, Glen discovered the transformative benefits of custom orthotics and overcame past injuries. He later went on to race professionally with the US Postal Service and eventually won multiple world championship events on the velodrome.

RESA LEVERAGES 21ST CENTURY TECHNOLOGY with 20 years of product research to discover the solution. Our proprietary scanning system captures every detail of your feet in three dimensions. Insoles are designed specifically for one individual based on activity level, medical need and foot structure. Custom insoles are then 3D-printed with a high-quality thermoplastic in under two hours.

RESA IS SAME DAY, PERSONALIZED 3D PRINTED FOOTCARE. Innovation has changed the way people think about foot health. Our customers are distinct individuals with similar goals: comfort, contentment and overall well-being. Stop at one of our kiosks, get scanned, design your insoles, finishing your other shopping and return in two hours to your custom-made insoles.

RESA IS YOU. We measure success by our customers’ well-being. RESA listens to your needs, desires, and what drives you to ensure we’re providing the best tools to help you achieve all your ambitions. When your feet are happy, we are happy.

WE Make Soles To foster balance.



A Champion
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A Question Arises

Orthotics on the Bike?

Glen was on the professional road cycling circuit when he discovered the custom insoles would benefit his performance and health. It was discovered that orthopedic labs controlled the industry, which made the task of obtaining custom insoles expensive and tedious. Glen’s mission became clear at this point: make the term “digital footprint” an authentic reality.

And so a JOURNEY BEGAN TO MAKE INSOLES  that properly aligned the feet and provided comfort while training all day. Store-bought insoles focus on marketing prowess and brand recognition to drive sales, not quality and comfort. There is an obvious innovation gap in foot care and a clear market need not being met. He accepted the challenge to change it all.



Rise with RESA

It’s about enabling you to be the best you can be. Rise up and reach new heights with RESA Pte Ltd. Whether you’re training for a marathon or making one extra lap around the block, rest assured we’ll be with you every step of the way.

We make tailor made wearables backed by science, technology and decades of iterations, so rest assured that RESA will help you get where you need to go.