Your purchase is backed by an industry leading warranty

90 Day Comfort Guarantee

At RESA, we’re dedicated to making our customers happy, no matter what. We extend a 90 day comfort guarantee to all customers. If your insoles don’t fit correctly simply contact us and we will personally work with you ensure the soles are made to perfection.


One Year Quality Warranty

We proudly guarantee the quality and performance of all products. Items with defects in materials or workmanship will be replaced at the discretion of RESA for the practical lifetime of the product up to one year after purchase. Products damaged through wear and tear, misuse, or neglect may be replaced at a nominal charge.

Damage due to wear and tears such as rips, tears, abrasion or UV degradation, misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty policy but the insoles may be replaced for a fee.

Defects in material and workmanship will be covered by RESA for the practical lifetime of the product up to one year after purchase. It is important to consider that the practical lifetime for footwear can vary drastically depending on the frequency and type of usage. Footwear is subject to constant abrasion and impact during normal use, and there are some clear indications that it may have surpassed its practical lifetime; examples include flattening of materials, degradation of fabrics or material decomposition. These are examples of wear and tear, or damage which are not covered by RESA. If you believe there is a defect in material or workmanship present on your product, please see “How do I submit a warranty return or repair to RESA?” for instructions on how to send it to us for assessment.

If in the unlikely event that your RESA Insoles fail due to a manufacturing defect, where possible, we will replace the item at no charge to you.

We understand that individuals may, on occasion, wish to tailor their RESA products to suit their needs or fit their shoes. If something should fail with the insoles which is unrelated to any alterations, RESA will stand behind our products, provided that the RESA product is being used as intended.

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If you are experiencing issues with your orthotics, please contact us and complete the feedback form inside your order. We will use this feedback to correct & remake your order.