Decades of research and development bring you 3D printed insoles. Perfect your alignment and discover balance with our risk-free foot care program.

We Provide Custom Comfort

Insoles You Can Count On

Create your shoe & activity profile and get a personal RESA Insole  recommendation.
Choose a preferred density and customize the top cover for a 100% custom tailored insole.

Trusted Design Methodology

Our insoles are built on decades of orthopedic and sports science research and trials. At RESA, your sports, health and anatomy are all unique considerations.

100% Tailored to You

The word ”custom“ shouldn’t be taken lightly when talking about feet. We take 100% custom to heart and craft a tailored orthotic around your feet, shoes & lifestyle needs.

Guaranteed to Fit Right

The first step toward balance is a sole that fits right. If you’re not happy, tell us what’s wrong with your first pair, we’ll gladly redesign and reprint at no charge.

Great Insoles Begin with
Accurate Data.


A good insole is only as good as the data used to make it. That’s why at RESA we’ve opted for the local approach. Get scanned on one of our proprietary, laser gel scanners located at select retail & medical locations nationwide.


3D Printing Technology

Additive Manufacturing

The footcare industry is about to make big changes with the advancement of 3D printing. You will be the first to benefit from this new frontier of possibilities.

Faster Delivery.

Our soles are made locally allowing production times around 1 hour depending on printer availability.

Lightweight & breathable.

Soles are now made layer by layer with porous support structures. Breathe easy and say goodbye to hot and sweaty feet.

Variable densities.

3D printing offers control over where to add support or make softer areas. This is ideal to sport and medical-oriented applications.

Responsibly made.

3D printing eliminates material waste and labor costs while offering new design options and total control over your insoles.

Our Product is Made Locally

American Made Manufacturing

Experience accurate, high-quality foot care near you. Find a local RESA event near you, capture your foot shapes and step into the future of feet.


Scan Feet

Step onto the RESA 3D gel scanner and capture accurate 360º contours of your feet.


Design Soles

Craft your custom insoles with a certified technician. Tailored to you, your shoes, and what you do.


3D Print

Build your soles while you shop with our in-store manufacturing hubs. Typically ready in about an hour.


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